BTBNL Podcast

The Broadcast TBNL brings fans closer to the game of baseball in a funny, entertaining and informative hour. The show features lighter, biographical interviews with MLB prospects, interviews with baseball broadcasters, writers, executives and a bevy of segments to mix things up.

Interviews and segments are timestamped in every episode description (Youtube/iTunes) The segments are listed below.

“Wild Pitch”

Dedicated to the funny lighter side of the game. “Wild Pitch” is the Broadcast TBNL’s appetizer and is always at the beginning of the show.

“Ballpark Chowdown”

Zach samples the best ballpark fare baseball has to offer, featuring a new stadium every week. Probably Zach’s favorite segment

“Eighth Wonder”

A forecast of the best upcoming minor league promotions. Whether it’s a man being shot out of cannon, inflatable zoo animals, or monkeys riding dogs herding goats, minor league baseball is famous and sometimes infamous for outlandish promotions. Zach has them covered in “Eighth Wonder”

“Batting Cleanup”

Homers, baby.

“What’s Cookin'”

Current MLB news and trends Zach feels should be discussed, often universal, sometimes controversial.

“Bringing the Lumber”

Talking the games best hitters.

“Painting the Corners”

Arms, starting arms.

“Closing Time”

Bring in the reliever, talking closers.