About BTBNL Host Zach Simon

Zach got his start at George Washington’s WRGW broadcasting sports talk radio and basketball broadcasts. After two years, he transferred to Temple University where he interviewed athletes, broadcasters, writers, coaches, and executives on the air and on camera. Before graduating from Temple’s Klein College of Media and Communication, he was the Temple Men’s Soccer Broadcaster and a broadcaster for women’s soccer, volleyball, and field hockey.

During and after college Zach channeled his passion for baseball into his own independent outlet, BTBNL, where he’s covered minor league baseball at all levels but rookie ball. He enjoys interviewing those surrounding professional baseball as much as he enjoys analytically evaluating and uncovering under the radar talent in the minors and majors for fantasy baseball purposes. His work was run at fangraphs.com.

Zach never imagined he’d get more than 8 views on YouTube, let alone over 8,000. He is excited for what’s to come and grateful for family, fans, team personnel, athletes, and a long list of those who have helped him along the way.

Contact: zsbtbnl at gmail.com.