About BTBNL’s Zach Simon

Zach has an appreciation for baseball at all levels. Before “A Broadcast to be Named Later” (BTBNL, formerly the ”HotStoveCast”), he started at George Washington’s college radio broadcasting sports talk and basketball broadcasts. After two years, he transferred to Temple University where he interviewed athletes, broadcasters, writers, coaches, and executives on air and on camera. Before graduating from Klein College of Media and Communication, he was the primary Temple Men’s Soccer Broadcaster, and broadcasted women’s soccer, volleyball, and field hockey. While in college, Zach joined the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association and currently serves on their Board of Governors.

BTBNL was founded by Zach to cover minor leaguers at all levels. While the show primarily features ‘get to know you interviews’ with prospects, it also examines other layers of the game with unique perspectives from personalities around the game. Another focus of his show and writing are finding under the radar talent in the minors and majors, and fantasy baseball. His work was run at fangraphs.com.

Contact: BTBNLinfo at gmail.com.