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Hi Loyal HSC Listeners,

First and foremost, I hope you’re all doing fantastic. Second, thank you listening to my show, without you, my show would be nothing.

Today is a momentous day in the history of the HotStoveCast. From this moment forward my show will now be called “A Broadcast To Be Named Later”, BTBNL or BroadcastTBNL for short. BTBNL.com is my new website. My show is about the prospects, oddball prospect sit-down interviews. in MLB a “Player to be Named Later” represents a prospect included in a trade.

I need to take some time to update my social platforms, so my production will not take place until this happens.

You may be wondering, what’s new with the BroadcastTBNL? There will be more writing on BTBNL.com and more food worked into the show. I have other surprises in store, but for now (effective immediately) the HotStoveCast is now the “Broadcast to be Named Later” (TM) also known as “The Broadcast to be Named Later” (TM).

Zach Simon

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